Welcome To 1Source

Welcome to 1Source, Diversey's Digital Asset Management Portal. 1Source offers an easy and intuitive user interface to Diversey's collection of digital assets. Here you will find brochures, images, photography, PIS, product in use shots, pack shots, flyers, event-banners and stall designs. - In short any printable marketing collateral.

You will not find any video stored on 1Source.

We primarily use our coporate video platform at brightcove.com to handle our video as this provides not only storage but perfect playback adapted to any playback device (high resolution video to fast internet connections and large screens and low quality video to sloer connections and smaller screens)

Top Tips

  • Click on icon to view all metadata.
  • Compare two assets using the Asset drop-down.
  • Export up to 1500 assets metadata to an excel spreadsheet.

Top Features

  • Optimized search engine with full-featured search query
  • Autocomplete for search field
  • Detailed filtering on assets
  • Share assets with co-workers
  • Share search results via results URL
  • Share search criteria
  • Download multiple assets at once