These functions are available on the Search Results page [] and allow you to get the most out of the results your search returned.

Search results display switch    List View    Grid View

These two icons allow you to switch the results display between LIST and GRID view. In grid view you can see less items on the page, but you see a thumbnail displayed immediately and without having to scroll over the item.
Be aware that the Compare assets, Select column and Export to excel features are not available in Grid View.

Choose columns    Choose Columns

This allows you to specify which columns you see for your search results. You can choose any of the META data fields that are stored for an asset.

The other operations you can do on the search results are grouped into 2 drop-downs:

  • Assets
  • Metadata

Asset related functions

Share selected items
Similar to to the Share Search feature, but will send the actual assets to the recipients you enter into the pop-up.

Compare assets
This allows you to compare the metadata of 2 assets side by side. Select the two assets you want to compare by ticking them and then select the appropriate action from the Asset drop down.

Download assets
Select the asset you want to download by ticking the box to the left of the file name. Then select the appropriate action from the Asset drop down. A zip file with the assets you selected should soon be ready to download for you. Click SAVE on the respective pop-up, and navigate to a location on your device.

Metadata related functions

Share search
This allows you to quickly share a search with a colleague or colleagues. Select the appropriate action from the Asset drop down.and enter the email address or addresses (separated by comma) of the people you want to share the search with, and - if you like - a message, and click send.

Save search
This allows you to save the initial search criteria with your user details. This is useful if you need to access a certain set of assets repeatedly. E.g. you might be responsible for the these products, or work in Customer Services. Keep in mind though that any of the advanced filters that you might select on the results page. It does however remember any of the initial filters you select on the search field drop down (Asset Type, Asset Group, etc)

Export to excel
This feature allows you to export the META data of a selected set of assets to an Excel spreadsheet and download it to your local computer. This is useful for when you need to supply these details to third parties, or need to be able to do some house-keeping of the assets that existing in 1Source. The resulting spreadsheet will also contain the NID (Node ID) for each asset, which you will need to know before you can update an asset that already exists in 1Source. As this is a very computer resource intensive operation, please narrow down the list of search results to less than 1000 assets on the list. If your search result contains more than this, this feature is disabled as it would take up too much computing power of the server.